The turbine-type subordinate module for the re-equipment of any types of the garden sprayers:


1. The distributor turbine

2. The slide block

3. The flow control device

4. The runner slide

The device is controlled from the tractor cab; the turbines startup is made with the heaver of the flow control device; the pump startup is made with the tumbler switch on the control panel (the control panel included). The installation, bundling and setting-up works take no more than 4 hours.

Paint the welding points with the paint and the sprayer is ready for the work.

Also the runner slide frame has the flow control device mounted on (Tag No.3). According to the attached manual connect the flow control device (Tag No.3) to the tractor hydraulics. Install the electrical pump and filter on the barrel frame and connect them to the turbines and hose supply according to the scheme.

Weld the frame of the vertical runner slides (Tag No.4) with the slide block mounted on, to the back end of the barrel frame. The slide block crossbar has the sprayer turbines installed on (Tag No.1).

In order to do so, you need to clear the barrel frame from all the elements of the old equipment: pump, reducing gear, fan etc.

The module can be installed both on the tractor-hitched barrels of various volumes and on the lift-type ones.

The figure displays the subordinate module for the old design garden sprayers and out-of-order sprayers, both field and garden ones re-equipment.