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The modernization of the standard sprayers (OP-2000 type)

1. Upon the availability of your reservoir for the chemicals and the chassis we will install our booms and the equipment set of the low-capacity spraying “Victoria”.


Technical details


200 – 400 ha per a shift

The rate of the spray material

10 – 2,000 l/ha

Operating width

19 – 24 m

Droplet diameter

100 – 250 µm

Power consumption

up to 300 W

Pump and spraying guns power supply

12V by the vehicle network

Pump capacity at the pressure of 0.7 MPa

70 l/min

The weight of the set

32 kg

2 Upon the availability of your reservoir for the chemicals and the boom we will install our equipment set of the low-capacity spraying “Victoria”.


The design description of the low-capacity equipment “Victoria”

The electrical pump with 70 l/min capacity. It has the extended life of the motor. The pumping unit is made of the chemical-resistant plastics (non-hydroscopic). The ceramic mechanical seal is installed instead of the gasket, and that allowed extending the pump life to 8,000 hours.

The electric motor of the sprayer: The turning number – 4,000 r/min, the strengthened root bearing and the enhanced brush carrier (the life was increased to 4,000 hours based on that).

The rate for consumption the spray material is from 20 l/ha to 200 l/ha.

The less expenditure – the higher income

The low-capacity sprayer work features

Under the conditions of the petroleum, oil, and lubricants constantly rise in price, the market appearance of the new, more effective but more expensive pesticides and the need for carrying out the protective measures on a tight schedule, one of the real ways of cost cutting is to reduce the consumption rate of the spray material. This corresponds to the current trends of the pesticides application, and to increasingly stringent environmental requirements. The biological and economic effectiveness of spraying the pesticides on the agriculturally used areas depends on the coverage density of the treated area with the drops of the spray material (with an equal dose of the agent) with the consumption rate of the spray material.

The founder of the capacity sprayer is Zorin A.V. In 1999, the study subject was the first certified low-capacity sprayerZarya 240СХ” equipped with the disk pulverizer. The laboratory and field tests established the high operating quality of the test machine according to the main estimation indicators:


The spray material cover density;

Effective operation width;

Median and mass diameter of the drops trace.

The implemented method of splitting the spray material by means of the revolving disc of the pulverizer allows to reduce the agent consumption rate in 2 times, and the spray material to 30 l/ha in comparison with the traditional sprayers (300-400 l/ha) with the equal biological effectiveness of the pesticides.

At the same time, the experience has proven that the decrease of the liquid flow rate from 200 to 10 l/ha increases the productivity of the OP-2000 sprayer in 2 times, and the treating expenses (without including the cost of the agent) are reduced in 4 times.

The implication of the low-capacity spraying used in our Victoria sprayers consists in the efficient and rational use of the spray material. In this case, it is important to mould the solutions, suspensions or emulsions into the drops of the optimal size and spread them to the treated surface with the sufficient density and uniformity spending the lowest volume of the fluid and the minimum acceptable amount of the agent. The outstanding feature of “Victoria” low-capacity sprayers operation in comparison with the traditional sprayers is the higher level of the spray dispersion and higher performance quality, particularly, better penetration of spray material into the heads of the plants, better uniformity and covering density, no liquid draining from the plant surface into the soil

The pesticides precipitation of the generated after the liquid evaporation holds on the plant longer. It is also less subjected to wind, dew, rain, sun rays, meanwhile keeping the toxicity for the pests. At high technical efficiency, all these factors allow significantly reducing of the liquid and agents rate of consumption and to reduce the level of the soil pollution.

The economic efficiency comparison table of “Victoria” sprayer equipped with the electric spraying guns and the sprayer with the standard equipment.

 Type of the equipment


“Victoria” sprayer. Electrical rotatory spraying guns


ОП -2000 High pressure air-jets

Spray material consumption rate for consumption, l/ha

30 l/ha

200 l/ha

Hectares treated with one filling-in, ha.



Number of water filling-ins for treating 100 ha.



The amount of the consumed water for treating 100 ha.

3 t

20 t

Actual time required for treating 100 ha, hours.



Outage time of waiting for water, hours.



The amount of races of the additional tractor for water trucking.




Due to the permanent work for the MO sprayers and equipment improvements, their design can be changed without impairing the characteristics of the products. If it is necessary, the information about this issue will be attached with the separate sheets to the “Guidelines” or displayed in the “Special features”.



Being the manufacturer, our company enters into commitment of the guarantee maintenance within a year and the post-guarantee maintenance for the entire operating life.