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self-propelled grain separator “class”

Description Application

An exclusive self-propelled aerodynamic machine designed for seeds production! The machine is designed for operating both on the open threshing floors and in indoor storages (areas). The machine is installed on a frame with a carriage; it is equipped with a load bin having 400 kg capacity and its own conveyor to chute the product to the feed bin.The self-propelled aerodynamic grain separator “CLASS@ performs:

  • Cleaning all the agricultural crops, including the small-seeded ones: wheat, barley, pea, sunflower, lint, chick-pea etc. It eliminates the oat grass and corn cockle very well. At the same time, there is no need to select and replace the sieves for each crop and clean to carry out the careful and time-consuming cleaning of the machine after each crop;
  • Separation of the filled sunflower seeds;
  • Seeds separation according to the fibrin and bioavailability;
  • Seeds grading on absolute weight basis;
  • Separation of the infested seeds;
  • Preparation of the best seeds that allow to increase the ground germination capacity by 20% and the subsequent crop yield from 7 centners per hectare and higher;
  • Extraction of the rough and plain quality grain from the food grain if the total weight of the grain has the seeds of the higher quality.
  • No mechanical impact. Grain damage and breakdown – 0%.

The advantages of the self-propelled grain separator “CLASS”:

  • Low power intensity through the frequency control drive.
  • High quality and performance reliability because of 98% in-plant production and patented technologies exploiting.
  • Versatility: applicable for all the crops.
  • Operation simplicity: No screens and many moving elements and grease units.
  • Installation on ZAV and KZS as well as in the warehouses with grain mechanical feed.
  • Loading with the 6 meter scraping collector. Discharging with the scraping devices that cardinally decrease the grain breakdown.
  • Loading to the height of 4.2 meters with the scraping collector. To Kamaz with the “extended sides”.
  • Readjustment to ANY crop takes not over 10 minutes! Dust scrap is collected in the setting chamber.
  • Aspiration system presented by the setting chamber as a set.

The description of “CLASS” self-propelled aerodynamic machine operational principle

  • The 6-meter-width collector picks up the material from the storing bunker. The separated material is distributed to the bays. The unloading of the main fraction is carried out by the scraping collector. The height of the loader allows unloading the cleaned material to the carriage body of any car, including KAMAZ with the extended sides! The second fraction (surplus) is drawn aside with the auger conveyor and formed into a storing bunker. The anatropous fraction comes back to the main storing bunker with a band conveyer for the repeated traversal. Dust scrap is collected in the setting chamber and removed with the accumulation.
  • The machine running machine is provided by the electric motor. The running speed adjustment is smooth. It operates in dual-mode 2-way (service speed and transport speed). The front wheel assemblies of the machine are rotatable and provides the easy maneuverability. The collector is equipped with a lifting gear for the convenience of moving the machine.
  • The machine is operated by one operator and one or two maintenance workers.

Maintenance information: Being the manufacturer, our company enters into commitment of the guarantee maintenance within a year and the post-guarantee maintenance for the entire operating life. 

Brand name


МС 10П












For the preparation of the seeds – with the waste content of up to 5%

Up to 10

Up to 10

Up to 10

Up to 20

For the preliminary cleaning – with the screenings content of up to 10%, incl. the waste of up to 3%, with the bulk weight of up to 760 kg/m3

Up to 20

Up to 25

Up to 30

Up to 50




1935 2300

Power consumption, kW/h.



13.3 19

Number of personnel required for the machine maintenance.






Unloading length


Additional auger to the second fraction bay

3 m

2 m

A coarse separation unit (CSU) for the “Class” grain separators

The unit is used for removal of coarse impurities and trash from the source material.

The CSU unit is similar in design to the one, installed in the coarse separation machine MПO (МРО)-50. The design is based on a screen conveyor belt (reticulate scalperator), rotating on two shafts, the drive shaft gets rotation from an electric motor with 1.1 kW capacity.


The source material gets into the CSU, where it is separated from coarse impurities.

Grain and small impurities get through the scalperator mesh, and the coarse ones (straw, spikelets etc.) are removed from the Machine.

The material, passed through the CSU, goes to the “Class” grain separator loading bin and undergoes a separation procedure according to their specific weight.