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Tractor-hitched airflow sprayer “Victoria”

Description Application
The re-equipment

The modern sprayers can treat the fruit and berry crops with the proper effect with the low-dose rates of liquid and a reduced rate of the agents. Using the low-capacity sprayers for treatment the shrubbery and trees the rate for consumption the liquids and many agents are reduced by 30-40%.

The less expenditure – the higher income

The low-capacity garden sprayers “Victoria” are designed for gardens, kitchen gardens, vinelands and hop-gardens chemical protection from pests and diseases using the method of low-capacity volume spraying with pesticide aqueous solutions, suspensions and mineral oil emulsions. The sprayers can be used in all Russian areas, except for the hill agriculture areas.

When using the low-capacity spraying, the required covering of the plant surface with the agrichemicals and its considerable saving can be achieved by:

  • Fog (mist) spraying of the liquid that excludes the solution molting from the leafs or its evaporation;
  • The accurate estimated treatment area.


Traditional sprayers


Low-capacity sprayer “Victoria”

The multi-purpose use of the sprayer

    • gardens (low, middle, high);
    • vinelands;
    • shrubbery;
    • kitchen gardens (trellis kitchen gardens);
    • transplanted plants;
    • treelines;
    • marginal field treatment;
    • field treatment with the side air blow;
    • disinfection of the hangars, cow kennels etc.;
    • growing houses treatment.

    Technical and maintenance information:

    • 2000 l polyethylene tank for the spray material;
    • The electric submersible pump with 70 l/min capacity (operated with the generator) designed for spray material supply to the spraying guns;
    • The pumping unit is made of the chemical-resistant plastics ARMLEN (non-hydroscopic);
    • The air flow fan drive is hydraulic (manufactured in Germany, Italy);
    • The operating width of each turbine object is up to 15 meters. Overall operating width is up to 30 meters.
    • The framework ring for holding and regulation of the ventilation and spraying device;
    • The power unit that provides the safe installation of the assembly units and sprayer transportation;
    • The remote control panel;
    • The ventilation and spraying device (from 2 to 4) that provides the dispersal and transportation of the spray material to the treated surface and consists of the spraying guns;
    • The pressure control valve with the hydraulic mixer;
    • The flow switch group;
    • The hydraulic radiator that provides the operational range of the hydraulic liquid temperatures during the operation of the sprayer hydraulic motors;
    • The remote valves (from 2 to 4);
    • The splitter – a regulator designed for providing the intended liquid flow rate through the disk pulverizer by the set of the plug-in metering jets and its firm cutting off when the spraying device stops operating.

Design description:

The sprayer is equipped with 2 or 4 spraying guns with axial-flow blowers, regulated in a vertical and horizontal planes allowing to treat the various height perennial plantings and disk pulverizers connected to the fans that provide spraying in the usual (500-800 l/ha) and low-capacity (100-200 l/ha) modes.

The fans are driven by high-rpm fluid motors operated with the tractor hydraulic system. Cutting off the hydraulic flow to the right or left spraying gun with the simultaneous stop of the right or left fan is controlled from the tractor cab using the corresponding heaver of the tractor hydraulic distributor and sprayer control panel.

The pump arrangement runs in the spray material from the vessel through the intake filter and delivers it to the pressure control valve, wherefrom the liquid comes to the flow switch group. The switching unit divides the hydraulic flow into two channels – for one- two-side operation mode.

Then the liquid is moved to the disk pulverizers through the splitter regulators where it is spited into drops of the intended size range.

The airflow produced by the ventilating devices is carries the liquid to the treated croppers. The surplus liquid from the pressure control valve is poured into the vessel and provides the solution mixing.

Filling of the sprayer with the filling agents is carried out through the tank filler valve, placed in the filling strainer.

  • The dispersal of the spray material is provided by the rotating drum screen into the drop of the average functional diameter of 150-250 microns.
  • Distribution of the sprayed solution to the top of the tree (object) is carried out by the air flow formed by the turbo-fan.
  • The turbo-fans are installed on the ring mountings that enable the target aiming of the airborne flow to the object.
  • The turbo-fan range capability is 16 m (one way).
  • The turbo-fans are installed on the horizontal crossbar. The crossbar position can be changed by moving it on the vertical runners up and down, The movement range is 2 meters.
  • The supply of the spray material to the sprayers is done by the electric submersible pump (12 V) or force pump operating from PTO (at the request of the customer).
  • The fans and sprayers rotation is carried out by the hydraulic motors connected to the tractor hydraulics (no drive shaft, reduction gearbox, chain or other rotating mechanisms).
  • The turbine can operate simultaneously or separately. That allows treating the treelines or carrying out the marginal treatment on the outside of the garden (field).
  • The sprayer can operate with the consumption rates for spray material from 10 l/ha to 800 l/ha.

Comparative technical effectiveness of the operating results of the low-capacity sprayers “VICTORIA” with the consumption rate for consumption of 100 l/ha and traditional airflow sprayer with the consumption rate for consumption of 500 l/ha.

Norm for consumption (l/ha)

Technical effectiveness against the codling moth (%)

The degree of the scurf development by the time of the harvesting (%)

Output yield

Spray material



Pick-off fruits

On the leaves

On the fruits

First grade











20% lower
















20% lower








  • Being the manufacturer, our company enters into commitment of the guarantee maintenance within a year and the post-guarantee maintenance for the entire operating life.

Due to the permanent work for the MO sprayers and equipment improvements, their design can be changed without impairing the characteristics of the products. If it is necessary, the information about this issue will be attached with the separate sheets to the “Guidelines” or displayed in the “Special features”.