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The equipment for the herbicide and liquid feeding band “Lenta-V”

Description Application

The manufacturing organization “Victoria” develops, manufactures and implements the equipment and the technologies aimed to improve the quality of the agricultural works with the simultaneous considerable reduction in expenditure.
Main components:

1. Volume 600 l

1 pcs.

2. The pump АЭР-70 /Italy/

1 pcs.

3. The pressure control valve equipped with a manometer

1 pcs.

4. Sprayers

from 8 pcs.

5. Options:

(brackets, loops, carriers…)

The equipment configuration can be installed on any tillage seeding-machine or any rearer.

The design description:

The 600 liter reservoir is mounted in front of the tractor. The pump is installed on the vibration-absorbing coupling and the pressure control valve – on the seeding-machine frame. The nozzle holder is installed on the special bracket after each planting mechanism. The spray nozzle is designed to have the spray angle of less than the standard nozzle and it has 30 degrees. Only this type of the nozzles can generate the dropping flame that covers the stretch of 25-30 cm wide from the height of 60-70 cm.

The chemical equipment for herbicide band application was developed with taking the installation possibility on all used seeding-machines the arable crops, both homegrown and foreign-made with all modifications tractors, into account. The design-engineering department of Victoria LLC adjusts the hanger rod of the chemical equipment for any tractor and seeding-machine.

Victoria LLC specialists will install the equipment to your tractor and train you with the details of the adjustment, accurate application and maintenance. In case of the failure, Victoria LLC lends support for the repair immediately. The support if free during the warranty period.

In addition to training the proper use of the equipment, Victoria LLC specialists will train your specialists to use the methods and technologies to save the expensive agrichemicals. Using our equipment, technologies and operational support you can reduce the costs of treatment the arable crops, reduce the cost of the agrichemicals products, reduce the personnel hours of employment.

Core benefits:

  • The herbicide is applied to the rig after the seeding-machine. Not all the area is cultivated, only the protected zones of the rigs with the width of 25-30 cm. It causes the increase in profits due to the adjustment of the treat operations (seeding and agent application) to 186 RUB/ha, cost reduction for the petroleum, oil, and lubricants to 30 RUB/ha.
  • Cost reduction of the chemical for 53% due to the herbicide application to the rig area of the width of 30 cm only.
  • Reducing the production costs of the works for 30% since the single pass of the tractor makes the cropper seeding and herbicide application. The profit of combination of the treating operations.
  • Equipment versatility allows you to reinstall the set to other tillage combine with no trouble depending on the operations.

The economic benefit of using the herbicide band application is equal to:

  • due to the cost reduction of the expensive herbicide – the profit of 400 RUB/ha;
  • due to the adjustment of the treating operations – the profit of 190 RUB/ha

The idea is simple and not new, but only Victoria LLC specialists could design the equipment that allows implementation this idea completely and effectively.

Being the manufacturer, our company enters into commitment of the guarantee maintenance within a year and the post-guarantee maintenance for the entire operating life.


Due to the permanent work for the MO sprayers and equipment improvements, their design can be changed without impairing the characteristics of the products. If it is necessary, the information about this issue will be attached with the separate sheets to the “Guidelines” or displayed in the “Special features”.