Commitment to results

Our primary and sole objective is to obtain a hundred-percent result and enhancement of efficiency of both commercial and seed material cleaning and separation.

Our advantages:

  • guaranteed equipment receipt straight from the source, with no middlemen involved;
  • individual attention to every purchase order, customer-tailored solutions of any kind;
  • vast production experience (16 years), enabling us to develop equipment for any region, considering geographic, climatic, edaphic and many other factors;
  • stringent multistage quality control at our plant resulted in our direct cooperation with leading components manufacturers only, including foreign ones;
  • in the process of production we use only state-of-the-art equipment, applied by highly qualified specialists, which makes it possible to accelerate production and to quickly implement innovative engineering technologies;
  • continuous monitoring of the market provides an opportunity to maintain attractive prices;
  • mutual relationship with our clients is the matter of the utmost importance for us.
  • we stand for long-term partnership, that is why we cooperate both with major Russian agricultural producers and with developing farms.

DO NOT entrust solving of your problems to companies, dissipating their potential among quite a number, sometimes dozens, of different kinds of manifold equipment. Such an approach indicates a desire to get a maximum amount of money from you upon a down-market equipment supplied and services rendered, as it is quite difficult to form a cross-functional team of even ten qualified professionals in one organization and to properly manage their work.

We wish you every success and your business prosperity!

Sincere regards, Victoria LLC